About Us

Meridian Health Assessments has brought together a highly qualified team of health care professionals who provide a variety of health assessments, ranging from worksite and in home assessments, to psychological and dental assessments.

Having many years of experience, we work with a broad knowledge base, and provide thorough assessments that facilitate a holistic and functional outcome based approach for all of our clients.

Injured clients are considered in the broader context of their workplace, lifestyle and community. When not assessing the workplace or home of a client, we perform our assessments at one of three primary locations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) - Brampton, Bolton and Mississauga. If these sites are not convenient for the client, we can offer more suitable assessment locations across the GTA.

Why Choose Us?

At Meridian Health Assessments we pride ourselves on:

Comprehensive Reports

We provide highly detailed reports that are concise, objective and easy to read.


No biases or impartial views are reflected in our assessment reports.


Reports are completed and submitted within one week of the assessment. Upon approval from the insurance company, equipment and goods are provided within 7-14 business days.


Our well trained staff can accommodate both the client’s and insurer’s schedule with minimal notice to meet needed requirements.


We take the initiative to communicate with insurance companies, lawyers and general practitioners. Upon approval from the insurance company, re-assessments are completed to ensure equipment and recommendations are properly implemented.


Through collaboration with our highly organized team, we ensure accuracy and thoroughness with documents and recommendations - always ensuring the best possible care for the client.


Our strict privacy policy and high values enable us to service each client's unique requirements with the highest level of privacy and integrity.


Our primary assessment locations include:

Queen West Physiotherapy
345 Queen Street West
Brampton, Ontario
L6Y 3A9
Albion Hills Physiotherapy
18 King Street East
Bolton, Ontario
L6Y 3A9
ProHealth Physiotherapy
1230 Tynegrove Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 3A3



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