Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)

What is a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE)?

A Functional Abilities Evaluation is a specific assessment performed by a Registered Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, or Kinesiologist to help identify a client’s or employee’s physical work tolerances. Following thorough assessments and measurements, the assessor determines physical impairments and abilities that exist.

By understanding the limitations and restrictions that affect return to work or pre accident status, this measure can help to determine the amount of rehabilitation required and facilitate a timely return to work. Our FAE's can take up to 3-4 hours, and include:

The client’s co-operation, and full participation and overall effort are required during functional testing. Any behavior such as pain focused behavior, or other barriers interfering with full performance will be observed, and commented on.

The Employers can request a FAE in the following situations:

Examples of Questions and Answers addressed in Functional Abilities Evaluation Reports

Q:  Can you describe Mr. Smith’s restrictions and physical limitations with respect to his regular job duties? Please refer to the PDA (Physical Demands Analysis) provided.

A: As observed and measured during the FAE, Mr. Smith demonstrates the following restrictions and limitations with respect to his regular job demands:

Q: Are there any specific recommendations with respect to increasing Mr. Smith’s working hours? At present, Mr. Smith is working at 4 hours/day.

A: Mr. Smith would benefit from a gradual return to 8 hours shift (4 hours/day 2 weeks, and 6 hours/day for 2 weeks), to allow the client to continue increasing his spinal and shoulder mobility and strength, therefore to improve the client’s positional tolerances and endurance. This gradual increase of working hours will enhance the client’s healing process, and allow frequent stretches, resting periods, and participation at regular physiotherapy sessions, and given exercise program.


Our primary assessment locations include:

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