Ergonomic Evaluation

What is an Ergonomic Evaluation?

An Ergonomic Evaluation is an assessment conducted at the specific work-site to determine if there is a need for any work site changes to prevent injuries or to help the employee return to his/her normal duties.

Due to the fact that this type of evaluation comments on specifics of individual within his/her own work environment, it is essential to have the employee, and sometimes the supervisor present. A typical evaluation takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the setting, and the complexity of the job.

Through observation, assessment, measurements and analysis, the evaluator will determine and carry out the following:

Following this evaluation, a typed and detailed report, including easy reading tables will be produced within 5-7 days and sent to the sponsors. It will include feasible recommendations on various devices, adjustments, or modifications. If requested, approximate cost for various proposed solutions will be suggested. As part of the recommendations, the Evaluator will comment on postural and biomechanical changes, pacing strategies, and various stretches to optimize the client’s performance at work.

Examples of Questions and Answers addressed in Ergonomic Evaluations Reports

Q. Are there any recommendations for this client’s workstation that would enhance the ability to type/ key? What are they?

A:  The following recommendations to Mrs. Gordon’s workstation would potentially enhance her abilities to type / key:


Our primary assessment locations include:

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