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Our Assessment Company helps you answer all of your “Return to Work” issues in a straight forward and quick manner.  We really do more than just Assessments.

At one time in my career as a busy physical therapist, my wrist and thumb was just becoming more and more aggravated as I kept on using it to stretch my patients and write notes on them after each treatment.  It was getting to the point that I even considered a career change.  Finally, after a helpful down to earth talk with my understanding employer, I was put on modified duties where I dictated my notes and enlisted the help of an assistant for the busy times of the day.  These changes, along with the proper therapy that I naturally gave to myself, enabled me to return to my normal duties within four weeks and the problem never returned.

Similarly, my colleague experienced an equally frustrating experience with his low back.  As an acupuncturist who worked on many patients per day on low treatment tables, he was developing severe low back pain that was making his daily work incredibly unpleasant.  Again, getting some adjustable tables, changing his posture while he provided his treatments, engaging in a daily core exercise program and taking more frequent stretch breaks, helped him return to his regular patient case load in a matter of weeks.”

You can provide the same positive experiences for your employees.  Don’t ignore their symptoms and complaints and ensure that they receive the proper treatment, education, work task changes and work hardening program to get them back to their normal duties without any pain so that they can be happy and as productive as possible for your company.

It can be very challenging to navigate return-to-work issues. We provide both the science with the art of rehabilitation. We think through the issues of "risk", "capacity" and "tolerance" when negotiating return-to-work and stay-at-work issues with employees.

We base our work on the most current science available using evidence-based medicine, causation analysis, and functional capacity evaluations.

We help you negotiate return-to-work decisions, learn about the implications of medication, and become more aware of the health consequences of unemployment.

Imagine your workplace having a record low of worker absenteeism and the most fit staff compared to other companies in your industry?  Keep your employees energized and help them avoid burn out.  Enjoy keeping everyone in top notch physical and mental health.

Unlike most overpriced Assessment Companies out there, our services offer you:

  1. Affordable Functional Abilities Evaluations and Work Fitness Programs
  2. Quick Learning
  3. Timely Follow Up

Go from dreading another employee walking into your office with new complaints to having them say “Thank You for the extra care you’ve given us” as you see all of your employees work with vigor and in the best shape they’ve ever been in!

We understand how it feels to have a few “sour” employees draining the energy of everyone else in the working environment.  It is not your fault!

But now that we are sharing this information with you, it really is YOUR responsibility to change things because both you and your company deserve better.

Work injuries are climbing at staggering rates.  We have the ANSWER to this huge problem.  Just by incorporating an employee education, work fitness programs and functional abilities evaluations when needed, you can ensure a HUGE cost savings for your company.

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