Psychological Assessments

To help you or a loved one regain control in life, we have a team of highly skilled Psychologists to perform thorough assessments and offer effective treatments.

Specific assessments include:

We offer Psychological Treatment for:

Other issues our Psych Team can help you with:

Service Fees

Our services are not covered under OHIP; however, most extended health care plans cover psychological services. We recommend that you check with your extended healthcare plan provider to determine the extent of your coverage and whether a physician referral is required in order to qualify for benefits.

More about Psychological Assessments and Treatments

Our team of therapists have training in a number of different treatment approaches.

Psychotherapy can provide the perspective and tools to help you overcome your toughest challenges. You do not have to keep struggling on your own. 

We offer a non-judgmental therapeutic environment where you can be helped to regain balance and a sense of well-being, and productivity into your life.

Having an experienced psychologist helps break isolation you may be feeling, and can help move your life forward again, in a way that feels right to you.

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Psychological Assessments Post Motor Vehicle Accidents

When an accident has affected a client psychologically, psychological assessments, and follow up treatment, if needed, can drastically hasten a client’s recovery, and help restore pre-accident level of function. 

Common symptoms exhibited by clients that may indicate the need for a Psychological Assessment include:

Our psychologists conduct comprehensive psychological assessments to determine the extent an accident has had on the client.  Our psychological team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working those involved in personal injury, motor vehicle and work-related accidents. Our team is also sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds.

In addition to providing accurate assessments, our psychologists employ individual counseling and psychotherapy for treatment of anxiety, depression, panic, stress, chronic pain and interpersonal (relationship) issues. Our psychologists utilize an evidence-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) model of treatment. Significant improvement can be achieved with treatment for psychological problems secondary to accident related trauma. Of note, Psychological factors were found to be more relevant than collision severity in predicting the duration and severity of symptoms in collision victims with grade 1 or 2 whiplash associated disorders.  (Correlation of clinical findings, collision parameters, and psychological factors in the outcome of whiplash associated disorders.  Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2004, 75, 758–764, © 2004 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd., M Richter, R Ferrari, D Otte, H-W Kuensebeck, M Blauth and C Krettek).

Call us at  (416) 276-3242 or email us at today for a consultation.


Our primary assessment locations include:

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